Automatic PayPal Withdrawals

We use PayPal as a secondary processor on some of our sites and many of our store owners also use it to take payment from customers and one of the things that has bugged me for a number of years has been the inability to automate the withdrawal process.

You had to login to PayPal, go to the withdrawal section, enter the amount you wanted to take out, submit and confirm, spin round three times, sing a song, etc. all very time consuming.

Now when withdrawing my PayPal balance this morning I noticed an interesting link and description under the withdrawal section:

Settlement Withdrawal

Instantly transfer the money in your PayPal account to your local banks accounts with Automatic Settlement Withdrawal. It supports different accounts, and two transfer speeds so you have the quickest and most convenient access to your money when and where you want it. Edit your preferences to activate or modify Automatic Settlement Withdrawal.

Could this be the missing piece of the jigsaw?!

Following the link to the service I found I could opt to automatically withdraw my PayPal balance each day to one of my nominated bank accounts. I just had to confirm which account I wanted to use and it was all setup.

Time will tell if this actually works but unless I’m missing something startlingly obvious, the days of manually logging in and withdrawing PayPal balances seem to be over…

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The Blog Finally Gets a Facelift!

Well after several months I’ve finally found the time to integrate the main Open Mind Commerce design into the blog. The old theme really didn’t do the blog any justice but now you can flit between the main site and here quite happily!

There may be a few display issues to flatten out but if you spot any, just post a comment to let us know…

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UK eCommerce Market is worth £100bn per year

A study commissioned by Google has found that the internet is currently worth £100bn per year to the UK economy, and the figure is still rising.

The report, called The Connected Kingdom: How the internet is transforming the UK and conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), demonstrated that if the internet was a separate sector, it would be the UK’s fifth largest, accounting for 7.2 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).

According to the research, the UK exports £2.80 online for every £1 imported. This compares favourably with figures for offline markets, where the UK exports 90p for every £1 imported, according to the report.

The report places the UK sixth out of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries on its ‘e-Intensity Index’. This measurement of the depth and reach of the internet in commerce and society also shows that the UK performs relatively poorly in terms of infrastructure. Areas beyond London and the south-east have lower internet consumption.

The UK is shown in the report at the top of the expenditure sub-index in terms of online sales, and spending on online advertising.

Isn’t it about time you got in on the action with your own eCommerce Software platform?

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v1.4.3 Released plus Earn up to £60 with our affiliate program!

This is a minor release and is likely to be last of the releases for the current v1.x series as all development efforts are now being poured into v2.x as previously notified.  There are a couple of new features in this release as well as bug fixes but as always, the latest change log may be found here (login required):

Google Analytics
This release includes a new smart tag that can be used to easily track site visitors though services such as Google Analytics. To activate the service you simply add the appropriate tracking code into your admin area and this is then automatically inserted for you into your store pages meaning no more messing around with code!

We have also added support for Googlebase ( in this release.  No extra configuration for the store is required, just setup a new product feed and point it at where is your store URL.  This will then take all your existing products and add them into Google base for extra SEO benefits and sales!

Would you like £60???
Well we could like to give you up to £60 just for referring people to us through our new affiliate scheme!  More information and how to signup can be found on our blog here:

Finally we are very pleased to announce a new partnership with and be able to offer you professionally written privacy policies and terms of use for your site at a very reasonable price.  For more information and to place you order, just click the link below


That’s all for now and as ever, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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We would like to give you £60

Yep that’s right, we would like to give you up to £60 for every sale you refer to us though the Open Mind Commerce affiliate scheme. Sound good to you? Then read on…

The Program
Dead simple this one, we will give you 10% of the excluding VAT value of all sales generated by you referring customers to our site. This could result in up to £60 in commission for customers who purchase a license from us along with our bespoke design service.

At the the very least you would earn £8.90 if they just bought a single license so your commission could quickly add up to quite a bit!

Because we’re lovely people we’ll not only also give you £20 as a thank you for signing up but if you refer a new affiliate to us through your link, you will get 20% of their earnings as well!

The program is completely free of charge to join and you can start adding a range of banners and text links to your site straight away…

So to summarise:

1. You earn 10% for every completed sale
2. We give you £20 just for signing up
3. We also give you 20% of all earnings that your referred affiliates generate

Signing up is very simple, click the link, fill out the form and you’re done…

The Nitty Gritty
Just a couple of points to make things clear…

1. Commissions are based on the ex. VAT value of the sale
2. Payments are made on the 1st of the month via PayPal or cheque as long as you have at least £100 “in the bank”
3. You earn commission on referrals up to 90 days after they click the link even if the customer visits via another affiliate
4. You may not refer yourself for purchases, sorry!

So you’ve read about the program now do something about it. Join today, earn yourself £20 for five minutes work and start driving money out of our pocket and into yours!

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Multi-themes eCommerce Software

OK another sneak peek into the Novus Project…

A key decision when designing the next release of our eCommerce software was to increase the flexibility of design and layout for the stores. The Novus Project will have the ability to support unlimited themes or designs but it goes way beyond just changing the colours…

It will be possible to apply a default theme for the store but then have a different scheme or layout for not just each indivdual department but also indivdual product pages. This will give huge flexibility in changing the design as users move through the store to suit the department they are looking at.

You will also be able to prepare new themes and test them without shoppers seeing the change through the built in theme editor so you can prepare for seasonal changes such as Christmas and Easter promotiuons.

This on top of being able to skin the admin area for our whitelabel ecommerce resellers, we believe this is one of the mostr flexible eCommerce solutions around that will suit everyone form small stores to larger retailers.

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